Terms & Conditions

Equal Opportunity, Complaints, Data Protection
1. Optimised Training Centre will offer help and assistance to anyone with learning difficulties, within the rules of the relevant awarding body. Optimised Training Centre must be informed prior to the course of any special requirements that learners may, as we may require certain information in writing in order to make allowances for any such difficulties
2. Optimised Training Centre have the following policies available on request:
equal opportunities policy
company complaints procedure
health & safety policy
3. All data regarding delegates will be stored on the Optimised Training Centre database and may be shared with other organisations for the purpose of detecting fraud
4. Your data may be used for future marketing of courses or other relevant products by Optimised Training Centre. In order to opt out of this, you must request this in writing to info@otctraining.org
5. Optimised Training Centre is committed to continual improvement of its services. Feedback will be continually monitored from course delegates. In the event of a complaint from a client, in the first instance, Optimised Training Centre will endeavour to satisfy the complaint. In the unlikely event of the complaint not being dealt with by Optimised Training Centre, we undertake to seek advice to resolve the matter from the relevant awarding body as appropriate
6. Optimised Training Centre is committed to a policy of protecting the rights and privacy of individuals, including but not limited to learners, our staff and anyone else we engage with, in accordance with the Data Protection Act. Optimised Training Centre Ltd needs to process certain information about the learners, our staff and other individuals it has dealings with for administrative purposes e.g. to recruit and pay staff, to administer courses and training, to record training progress and to comply with our legal obligations to funding bodies and government. To comply with the law, information about individuals must be collected and used fairly, stored safely and securely and not disclosed to any third party unlawfully.

Optimised Training Centre Payment Terms
Requesting an invoice shall be deemed as confirmation of booking terms and conditions. If an invoice has been requested it cannot be cancelled and will be deemed due whether the irrespective of course is attendance or application process being completed. All fees including Optimised Training Centre application or course fees are non-refundable irrespective of the success of an application or course attendance. All invoices must be paid within 10 working days, or in advance of the course or the commencement of an application whichever is the soonest. Should there be any associated costs for Optimised Training Centre as a result of a payment not being processed (i.e. bounced cheque), then Optimised Training Centre will charge the client for any such costs. Any bulk discounts or promotional prices are only valid if fees are paid within Optimised Training Centre payment terms. If fees are not paid within Optimised Training Centre payment terms, Optimised Training Centre will re-invoice for the full amount with no discount. There will be an administration charge of £25 + VAT on changing a delegates name for a course. All relevant disbursement and application payments will be made to Optimised Training Centre immediately on request. If these payments are not made on request Optimised Training Centre reserve the right to stop the application process. No refund will be due if the process is stopped.